Ever wondered what it would be like to have a shamanic fairy godmother helper on your side for a year? 

Look no further -The Energy Mentor Program is now here !

The ONLINE Energy Mentor Program (EMP) came about as a natural culmination of two of Lynette's previously sold out events: The Energy School (her two-day lectures at the University of Sydney) and The Energy Laundry (a one day energy re-alignment process) and 18 plus years of visioning, consulting and mapping peoples individual energies. 

The call for an Energy Awareness & Mindfulness Mentor came about to further help clients navigate some of the most poignant moments of their life, while being supported by Lynette's years of professional & personal experience and knowledge. 

During the Mentor program, clients are able to access Lynette each month, allowing them to enhance their personal intuitive connection and apply the principles consistently to their own world, decisions and journey.

The Energy Mentor Program is essentially about creating yourself and your life in highest alignment.  It is also about creating space, and having support, the information and the tools to actually DO that rather than just think about change.

It is a transformational journey that is shamanic by nature - so the process connects you to work on your energy and with the energies of your life.  It is a place to learn and experience the world through knowledge of energy and intuition, whilst also learning how to guide your personal life through that filter.

…. it can also just be a refuge from the rest of the world each month – a space through the year to dedicate to the spiritual energetic side of yourself, ask questions and to allow your higher aspect to help guide you. 

Note : This program is designed to open awareness, activate change and accelerate life !

Warning - do not register for this program if you wish to remain in a well built comfort zone.

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The Program

The Program begins for you when our welcome pack lands on your doorstep, which outlines what to expect and sets you some homework to begin setting the journey up for you.

The program then activates for you personally with a reading connection session with Lynette to set up for the journey ahead according to your goals and energies requirements.

We then stay in touch through email, video lessons, our exclusive student portal and monthly teleconference sessions.

Then there are 12 exciting tailored monthly workshops. These include - intuitive awareness theory, various workshop exercises & energy experiences to surprise, delight and to open you to all you need each month to stay on track, building self awareness, keeping you connected and move through life in new joyful and profound ways.



  • Full 12 months of access to Student online portal and information, class notes and energy exercises

  • 12 monthly step by step online sessions (First class launches Mid Feb 2020) set to inspire, educate, and workshop - life, energy and your potential.

  • 12 x 50min personal reading sessions on your personal issues and circumstances. *Extra sessions available at an additional cost

  • Monthly 1.5hour monthly teleconference tutorials

  • 1 x end of month update email exchange for 12mths.

  • All included access to the energy meditations files -yours to download & keep.

  • Inspiring class notes, homework activities and informative videos that you can watch and connect into throughout the year.

  • Support Sheets inspiringly designed by Lynette for each step of the process.

  • Real life guidance and personal guidance when required as per outlined in the program through email and designated phone sessions.

  • Workshop experiences to process soothe, inspire, delight, surprise and align your body, mind and spirit.

  • A consistent, safe and supportive group and space to enjoy & grow in.

  • A clearly defined fun and easy process.

  • Rainbows abound & Shooting stars of course that always come standard when working with your spirit world.

The Investment

Enrolments open Dec 2019

Course price AUD$ 5800 (inc GST)

Payment Plans

  1. The 2 part-payment option.

    • Deposit of $800 due upon confirmation of registration to secure your spot with two remaining payment of $2500 due before April and August.

  2. The 4 part-payment option

    • Deposit of $800 due immediately upon confirmation with subsequent payments of $1250 due on or before 3 April, June, Sept and Nov.

Should you require a different payment plan- please contact us to discuss.

Please note deposits are non-refundable. Should you wish to withdraw from the course at any point after that date, the deposit and a monthly service and material fee of $400 is charged. This is calculated from first month of the program until the end of the month in which written notice is given. If you are enrolled simultaneously in  another course of ours at the same time- the monthly materials and service fee that is greater than the other will apply (you don’t need to pay them both combined)  All workshops and readings must be redeemed by completion of the course and are not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other purpose. Should you choose to withdraw, the student portal access is available only until the end of paid month (with any outstanding teachings materials due to the student , made available as they are released and created).


Each step of the workshops is released for you to work on autonomously. These are then followed up with a corresponding personal reading, live online tutorial and Q and A with Lynette. These will be recorded should you not be available on the actual day.

Generally the online portal will be available from the 1st Wednesday of each month, with conference group phone call being held one Sunday a month- specific dates available upon registration or request

Why now?

For the last years our planet has been going through profound frequency shifts and now comes the moving into a new alignment & activation of that.

The Energy Mentor Program is now in its 6th year and Lynette has taught 100’s of participants to reclaim and reboot their lives. This program is about taking hold of the current changes in frequency on our planet and working with Lynette’s unique expertise to enhance that journey. This is her speciality, natural gift and passion.

She eats, breathes and lives the world of energy.

Lynette had a very powerful consistent mentor in Jason Macdonald (master Clairvoyant) and she would like to pass that experience onto others.

Over the years has also helped many people clairvoyantly in one on one sessions who are now ready to continue to activate their personal psychic atunement in day to day living. 

To do this it will require more one on one training consistently around the visioning of their dreams and the practice of navigating their lives in ways that need information & guidance outside of a normal reading format. This is where the program comes in.

Can anyone enrol?

All are welcome -the program is open to beginners & experienced folk alike.

The program will be fully resourced, taught by Lynette and then individually navigated by you. There is ample opportunity to connect personally with Lynette as well as to get the benefit of working in a consistent group setting with like minded people. The only prerequisite is a willingness of excavate yourself and the courage to do so.


When are the Teleconferences?

The teleconference are on Sunday afternoon (Sydney time) for 2 hours once a month starting 5th May. We always record them & post them up on the student portal to listen to like a podcast 48 hours later. We also put everything on the portal in stages so you can go back and work through it as you need too. People in the USA find it a little difficult to sync for the call,  unless they are early risers or night owls but otherwise most people can connect in from around the world. 

What time is required to work through the course…?

You can access the portal online, anywhere, anytime. There are some lessons that require a bit of ‘stop and do’ time, but others are designed to be naturally incorporated into your everyday life. Things you can do while living to focus energy in a certain area and get it moving. If you have time or a topic is particularly potent you might like to deep dive for a bit.  And if you have a busy month you can always go back and re connect with the lesson or focus. There are also times to catch up before we move forward.

Are payment plans are available?

We provide a number of options to work with your budget. For example some like to process payments monthly or fortnightly.

What’s great about the course - 

It extensive, easy to understand with monthly focus’s. And is truly the most convenient way for Lynette to guide you through your entire energy system. At the same time, you have access to her about life occurring in general.