The last 2 years as a participant in the Energy Mentor Program have been phenomenal. my life has transformed both inside and out beyond my wildest expectations.
I now have my dream job, and have a greater sense of purpose, confidence and self love. I am working towards peaceful loving relationships with everyone around me and have healed past trauma which I hadn’t realised was holding me back.
It is the greatest gift I have ever given myself and my friends and family can see the huge transformation in my life.
I would recommend the program to anyone that is serious about changing their life, about getting in touch with their true propose and about living their dreams. Its not for the faint hearted though, you have to be very willing to hand over to spirit and do the work.
Working with Lynette and Mr Danillo is always a pleasure and their integrity and commitment is incredible, second to none.
Thank you for a incredible program that has been given your heart and soul and as a result has given me back my heart and soul. I am a different person now, so much happier
— Alicia S
Through Lynette’s guidance and support I started to see and realize patterns, beliefs, habits and unhealed deep emotional wounds that needed attention and healing.

It’s hard to put into words how much blessings the three last years brought into my life. The strong, loving and nurturing guidance of Lynette and the support of the other participants of the group was just amazing. I know that without this support I wouldn’t have been able to face the challenges that this soul journey brings. The journey that brought me back to a more authentic, truthful and compassionate life.
There is still much work to do but through the Mentoring program I have learned to life a more conscious life. It helped me to understand my responsibility in co-creating my life with universe, to reflect and to see beyond my “human drama”, to surrender, to accept and to listen to my intuition and guidance. But very importantly it helped me to feel again, to be vulnerable with open heart but strong on the same time, to express and to be seen wit all of me in the world and with that to feel again to be part of this world; to belong!!
I also have been taught how to understand my intuition/spirit better in order to read the signs and to understand the messages of the subtle realms in a much deeper way. Also the other many more wonderful and powerful “tools” we have been given through these years will support me further on my path and in the manifestation of my life mission.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to life a more conscious life and is in search of their unique truth and their unique gift to the world. It’s a profound program for healing on all levels and will assist you to start to live an empowered, compassionate and authentic life. I found to be on this journey with others is so powerful and it helps enormously. The support and teachings you will get from this program is absolutely unique and I just feel deeply grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity to be a participant of this program and under the exceptional guidance of Lynette for the last three years! Thank you Lynette and Dan for all support and your love; I really do feel deeply grateful!
— Franziska
If you believe there is more to life than routines and drama and want to connect to a bigger life force and find your purpose, then I definitely suggest you do these courses. They are all about different kinds of “energy”, yours, others and the universe, and how they interact.
But this comes with a warning, these are not your usual “spiritual” courses, this is not a once a week activity, eating organic,standing on your head, meditation or throwing around namastes , on these courses you will dig deep, discover things about yourself you may not like, not always feel in control and question many things. Guided by the amazing Lynette, you will probe, grow and become more connected. Like all worthwhile adventures there will be difficult bits and there will be amazing insights and experiences. It really changed my perception about life and how I live it.
— CT
I signed up for the EMP correspondence course in 2016 and it had such a massive effect on my life I didn’t hesitate in signing up for E=mp2 in 2017. Working with Lynette over these last two years has been truly transformational. In fact it’s hard to put into words just how massive it’s been for me because it has changed everything - where I live, what I do, my relationship, my family, my connection to myself, my understanding of how the world works. It hasn’t always been easy - growth never is. But through it all I’ve felt so supported and held by Lynette and Dan. It’s a year long magic carpet ride with never a dull moment and I would encourage everyone to be brave, take the leap and do it!
— Kirileigh
The course gave me tasks to complete or signs to follow that at times felt curious (and I was a little questioning of ) but when I stayed on track with them, I experienced small moments of wonder throughout life...moments and experiences that reminded me I had a far greater connection to a higher force than I realised... i could go through my life and experience moments of support that encouraged me...validated me...affirmed me..or helped me to trust myself... what a gift!

I have been amazed and grateful for what Lynette (and also Mr Danilo) have offered through this course... it feels like a life purpose they are fulfilling rather than a business they decided to run... their love and commitment goes way and above what I expected... they are loving kind and generous souls!
— Claire
The Energy Mentor Program is something that I was drawn to do from the bottom of my soul. Having come through the year, it seems to me that my soul knew far better than me exactly what I needed, and Lynette and Danilo were the perfect combination, in so many ways, to get me there.

The course was surprising -  and challenging -  and insightful -  and hands on -  and reflective -  and life changing in so many ways. What I thought I needed, turned out to be only the tip of the iceberg and it was not until our very final meeting that I truly discovered the real reason I was there. The final day of the 12 month program, was for me the first day of the rest of my life, in so many profound, delightful and unexpected ways. I have already done years of soul searching and considered myself to be pretty spiritually and  personally aware - but this year took me to a whole new level and the gratitude I feel for the process can not be highlighted enough. The gem within, that is the true me, has been awakened and revealed and now I am setting about polishing it up to its full power and glory.

My energy has shifted in a real and dynamic way. My experiences have been amazing and profound and unexpected. Soul destroying and then soul rebuilding. I have learned so very much. Life is to be enjoyed. Life is an adventure. Life is exactly what you make it. And the EMP with Lynette and Danilo is a wonderful opportunity to take some moments of introspection that can truly be life changing. 

Everyone’s journey is different. 
Everyone will come up against different challenges. 
Everyone will react differently to the process - because it is your journey - your process - your right of passage. Your opportunity to carve out a new paradigm for yourself.

So why not do it I say?
Why not invest in yourself in a real and meaningful way?
Why not take the leap of faith?
Why  not?
If you are like me - it may just be the best money you have ever spent on yourself.
It may just be the best gift you have ever bestowed upon your fabulous self. 
— Christine D
What you have offered me through the program has been life changing. I started on the journey 30 kilos overweight and with a severe insulin resistance problem because i didnt know how to take care of my body and i didnt know that i deserved to be taken care of.

I allowed people to walk all over me and use me for their own interests.
I didnt know what self-care was.
I didnt know what boundaries were
I didnt know that I was living my life through addiction, abuse and pain.
I didnt know what i was worth anything and that my soul actually had a path that I needed to remeber. I thought dreams were just dreams and until last week I didnt’t really know the full power of truth. It has been a huge journey!
— Sarah G
I am from overseas and in the previous years that I moved to Australia I embarked myself on a self discovering journey.
I saw how much there was there to be worked on and healed and when I arrived in Sydney I was looking for someone trustworthy that I could continue to work with in order to develop and improve myself.

When I found out about the start of a new year of the Energy Mentor Program with them, there was a big “YES!” to it in my heart straight away!

I did few readings with Lynette and I have attended a weekend workshop too during the previous months that really resonated down deep with me.
I got really fascinated by the work and the experiences that Lynette was sharing during these events.

The Energy Mentor Program was a year long journey, where I had the chance to be sitting in a circle (space that I consider a privilege and a human necessity) with other open, curious, willing to change, amazing people!
Our monthly gathering was a very exiting appointment for me, challenging at times but a very special place to be in:
I got given so many new tools to see, read, understand, connect and transform the world and the energy around me that was beautifully overwhelming!!
My participation to this program has really sustained and supported me through a very intense time in my life, so many things have happened in those 12 months and the conclusion of this journey was the most perfect gift that life could have ever given me.
I will never forget my last class where I sat in a circle with many other beautiful humans and I experienced total support, trust, love and openness in a total non-judgemental space.
It was a very special and transformative day that last Sunday: just few days before I discovered that unexpectedly a new life was growing inside me, when almost everything outside seemed to be totally against it.
I was in real shock. I didn’t know what to do and I was really struggling.
After a little while I allowed myself to Stay Open to this new chapter that was starting, to Trust the Universe in supporting me and Ask for help in this challenging time!
I deeply learnt how to pray, to pray in a real, meaningful, “goosebumpy” way to whatever is out there and learn how to ask and accept the help that is really there for us, when we allow it to reach us!
(I come from a very religiously soaked in country, like Italy, and I have never been able to connect to that classic catholic approach. I always refused it, resisting to any idea of praying and trusting into something bigger out there!)
After attending this course and the way I have related myself to the crazy, beautiful way of unfolding events in the last few months of my life, my perception of reality and my approach to life has really changed!!

I will never be grateful enough to myself for having had the courage to bravely go through this journey and to Lynette and Danilo, for everything they have been able to share, show and teach me during this year of the Energy Mentor Program!
It has been a deeply transformative soul journey, where I felt fuelled with Love, Trust, Confidence, Openness and Hope!!

Thank you Lynette! Thank you Danilo!
You are very special human beings and very dear to my heart.
You are empowering other human beings to find their way in this lifetime journey and
I could never recommend this journey enough to anyone out there, that is looking for a transformational change!!
— VIrginia
Before the EMP life felt noisy. Now I’m steadily getting better at listening in, to my body and energy when things don’t feel right, asking why and what, and creating some space to slow things down, and re-shape what’s happening.

Having a daily practice, and ritual, for me, about me. Learning to look after my energy has helped a lot. Once you get it, you recognise it’s like a muscle, the more you practice, the stronger it gets. Learning to consistently self nurture has been profoundly rewarding.

I would absolutely recommend the EMP to anyone who feels stuck in an old pattern that no longer serves them, or who suspects life could be richer and warmer, and who is curious and willing to be open. Lynette is a master at carefully sharing the wise ways to steadily build your knowledge and energy self practice. And Mr Danillo makes it all possible. They’re the dream team.

— Belinda
Working intensely with Lynette proved to be one of the most personally transforming periods of my life. I was finally able to face addictions that were distracting & blocking me from what I really wanted to do & be in my life. Once the addictions were no longer a hidden shame within myself, I was able to find the courage to start facing my deepest & darkest fears. During this time Lynette was there beside me every step of the way to assure me that there would be light at the end of the tunnel at some point.

Many times I’ve wanted to give up & go back to old habits. So many times. There were times I really thought I really was going crazy and the pain of withdrawal from no longer medicating myself with my addictions proved to be intense beyond belief. Ive cried more tears than I thought possible. But I held on to the notion that Lynette knows what she is talking about. Her trust in me and the process was unshakable and this helped me find something to hold on to when the seas got too rough for me to handle.

With Lynette & Joys help I was able to release & let go of so much of the internal suffering I had been carrying around that had been dictating a lot of my decision making.

I am still not out of the woods as yet. I can see that this work is not for the faint hearted. It takes years. But I would have never had the chance to get on to the road of recovery & break the unhealthy cycle of abuse if Lynette had not been there for me.

Because it was maybe the first time in my life someone showed up and stayed with me when I really needed them. This helped me start to propagate and cultivate something that I had never had before in my life - faith.
— Laura
It’s actually not possible to describe the year on the Energy Mentoring Program with any kind of effectiveness…. It’s kind of like entering into parenting – everyone can tell you what to expect, but expectations and experience, whilst so aligned alphabetically, are actually poles apart!

What I know it to have been is:

A year of building (faith, trust in The Universe and the God of my understanding).

A year of breaking down (my unhelpful ego, defense mechanisms)

A year of exploration of the wider world through experiences that have blown my mind and should have been on my bucket list but I didn’t know

A year of exploration of my inner workings, patterns, blind spots, strengths and development areas

A year of phenomenal growth, professionally

A year of phenomenal growth, personally

A year of reflection, introspection and gratitude

A year of creating relationships with like-minded people who I really love – their humanness is both comforting and inspiring.

All guided by the generous, compassionate, wise and insightful Energy Mentor Lynette, aided by her trusty wingman, Danilo.

I’m very grateful and wondering what I’ll do next year! What I do know is that if The Universe wants it, I’ll be with them again and I would sign up in a heartbeat to have another year with Lynette and Danilo. I found myself on the program unexpectedly and magically and it just continued month after month. If you’re thinking about it – do it – and be prepared to ride it til the end – you won’t regret it.
— MC
Before I started Lynette’s mentor program - my health as very poor, I was single and I was needing a change at work. In the 1st years program - my health took a 360 degree turn to complete recovery, I met a divine man who is kind and thoughtful and in the 2nd years program I created my dream job!

If you have any hesitation about the power of Lynette’s work don’t. The mentor program is incredible beyond words can describe.

A huge amount of gratitude to Lynette and Dan for your incredible work it is a huge gift to us all who are so lucky to experience it.

Much love. xx

— Pia L (Sydney Australia)
I have participated in the EMP and E=mp2 correspondence programs thinking I had a a few areas in my life I wanted to improve but little did I know that doing these courses would change every part of my life, for the better. I used to be a workaholic but have come to realise that was a pattern that was masking a lot of old pain, fear and keeping me too busy to live my life purpose. Throughout both courses I have released and healed a lot of energy around relationships, starting my own family and becoming an artist. I’ve learnt to trust my intuition, have faith in something larger than myself and I have a deeper yearning to understand more about the universe in which we exist. I’m 40 years old and feel that I am just starting to know the “real” me thanks to Lynette and Danilo’s guidance. I’m very excited about my future. Each step in the course was created perfectly to clear any blockages, heal safely and then bring in the joy and magic. I am continually astounded at Lynette and Danilo’s ability to take the programs on a journey that was in sync with not only what each student needed to move forward but also with everything going on in the physical world.

If anyone has a nagging feeling that something “isn’t quite right” or “there’s something missing” then I highly recommend doing these courses. The environment is safe and honest. You’ll be challenged along the way but the rewards will be phenomenal. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted.
— Shakira
If truth be told I was a little hesitate at first about embarking on the Energy Mentor program probably because it felt so unknown. But I had a niggling feeling that I just could not deny, and so enrolled. I have not looked back. In fact, I’ve now participated in two of these programs. What I have found most profound is the subtle peeling back of layers in a caring and supportive environment that has gently expose patterns that unbeknownst to me, have been blocking me from my life’s purpose. I’ve also come to realise that for the first time in my life, I truly feel as though I belong, and this community is like no other. I’ve made connections with people from all walks of life who without judgement have helped me to be honest whilst at the same time have laughed, cried, and celebrated big wins with me. The regular check ins with Lynette and Dan have also reinforced the connection and feeling that I am not alone in this journey. It really is a life changing experience and like Alice, once down the rabbit hole things just get “curiouser and curiouser!”.
— Rebecca
The EMP was a profound journey to my soul, skilfully guided by Lynette who provided pragmatic and powerful tools, processes, challenges, support and delight all along the way. I gained the knowledge and courage to face blockages that were preventing me from being the best me I could be. I now have skills, practices and confidence to continue with joy, insight, ease and grace as I live my dreams.
— Betty O
I participated in the EMP journey by correspondence which I can fully recommend to anybody that may have concerns about being involved from a distance. Lynette and Mr. Danilo have an amazing ability to extend their energy and I have felt fully included every step of the way even though I have not attended in person.

I signed up for the EMP Programme because I was looking for more information - I didn’t really know what information I was looking for but felt myself to be incomplete somehow and a bit out of sorts. I am now able to identify this feeling as being out of alignment and have an understanding of how this imbalance occurs and, more importantly, how to get myself back on track. The difference this knowledge has made in my life is hard to put into words that will convey the awesomeness that has occurred. The self confidence gained, backed by a firm belief that the Universe acknowledges and protects me, creates a world so different to the world I inhabited prior to embarking on this incredible journey.

Not knowing what to expect from the course, I committed to being open-minded and trusting in Lynette’s guidance and experience. As a result, I have been able to meet myself, the good, the bad and the ugly, and accept myself without judgement, shame or any of the other negative energies that I had been carrying around for most of my life. I only wish I had been given access to this information during my childhood as it is truly a gift.

I suspect that many people ‘out there’ have insecurities, doubts, stress and anxiety. This course is a gateway to get rid of all that negative baggage making room for joy, peace and love. The only limitation to the extent of these riches is the one that we put there ourselves.

Being able to write this email is, in itself, a miracle. As I am writing, my heart feels too big for my chest and it is a truly wonderful feeling.
Thank you so much!
— Sarah
Lynette is such a gifted teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a deep level of transformation in every area of their lives. During the energy mentorship course you explore and shine the light on the deepest aspects of yourself and your life and clear all the blocks that are holding you back from living your dreams. It is a process of excavation and takes courage and commitment. You live your life in more authenticity and truth. We were given so many tools to draw on and I feel so much more empowered to cope with any situation that comes my way. What I have learnt this year will continue to enrich my life for years to come.     
The mentorship program has really changed the way I relate to the spirit world and has helped me to approach life more as a spiritual adult. I have definitely grown up a lot this year. My life has deepened in ways I could never have imagined. I am clearer, calmer, more grounded, have discovered my inner strength and my relationships with others have matured and deepened as a result of being more in my power and flow.

Lynette, you have really helped me to remember my truth and to rediscover a deeper connection to the Divine and for this I am eternally grateful. It is my connection to the Divine, not another person or relationship, that fills me up and gives me a deep sense of joy and fulfilment. I have experienced a strong sense of ‘coming home’ this year and everything I had been feeling my whole life has begun to make more sense. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you.
— Julia R
I have had the great privilege to attend both the EMP and E=mp2 correspondence courses.
I attended the courses after having known Lynette for some years, during which she had guided me on my quest to find my soul purpose and deal with some of my life challenges. The courses offered an opportunity to more intensely work on growing my connection with universe. Sharing the journey with others in the courses provided opportunities for deeper learning and new friendships.

The programs have equipped me with tools to manage challenging times and open my eyes to all the magic that universe throws our way, which in turn has helped me grow and become more confident.

I would recommend these courses to anyone who would like to learn how they can be the very best version of themselves whilst finding their true purpose here on earth.
— Petra
I have spent my life interested in spiritual practice and read all the books but I never seemed to be able to get things working in a consistent way in my own life. The practical activities and explanations Lynette provides really clarified the truth of the process in a way books weren’t able. It also cleared up confusion about how psychology and trauma can impact it all and practically worked to clear it. You can think all the positive mantras you like but getting things to work in a consistent manner requires an understanding on a much greater level and with the guidance of a teacher’s teacher. This is who I feel Lynette is.

One of the biggest changes for me has been understanding what happens to my energy in relation to others. I was often drained and over-felt other people’s energy and thought the kind thing to do was to just give them more and more of me. I would literally walk down the street and if I felt someone in pain I would think I’ll send them some of my energy. Now I get that there is enough god life force for everyone and my job is managing my energy and I can still pray in for them but not by giving myself away. While things are by no means perfect I have tools now to move me out of the way much more quickly.

The daily practice and support and protection meditation, with absolutely no exaggeration, saved my life.

I have been recommending this program to my friends who are wanting more out of life. They are starting to glimpse beyond the veil but are still trying to talk themselves back into their boxes. I think this program is for people who are willing to do the work and are ready to make profound shifts in their life.

There is no doubt that this journey has been challenging and if you are happy living life without magic then don’t bother but if even a small fragment of you wants to glimpse into the best version of you and your life, then just do it! Lynette and Danilo will support you all the way.
— Collette