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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”(2).png

Did you know…

That when we're forming in body, the first organ to develop is our hearts?

Throughout many ages, cultures and spiritual traditions the heart has always been the center of our experience and a space of spiritual wisdom. Many societies, including the Ancient Egyptians, believed that all thought and feeling for life came from the heart. Disregarding the brain after death but preserving the heart, as it would surely be needed in the next life.

In many tribal cultures our heart is known to essentially hold the memory of our journey - where we keep all joy, memories of love,  all sorrows, losses, scars and all hurts. Throughout our life, our heart may be bumped, bruised, discarded and also hopefully nurtured, felt, expressed, listened to and treasured.

We very rarely stop to truly acknowledge the heart's powerful resonance & heal it fully.

Western science use to see the heart as just a pump, but now science is beginning to understand how powerful this electromagnetic aspect of our being actually is. Neuroscientists have now even discovered the heart has its own nervous system. A network akin to our brain with over 40 000 neutrons, giving the heart the ability to sense and process information. Even developing a type of memory. 

The heart also regulates hormones through the body. Effecting our mood and our feeling of health, positivity and well-being. The greatest example is Oxytocin -  the 'love' hormone or the bonding hormone. Responsible for our feeling of belonging and secure.

As our society as we moved into a more industrial age we began to place more focus on our thinking. We began to focus on the brain and we moved away from the power and consciousness of the heart. Even though many of us know the true intensity of our hearts health and have been working for a long time to nurture them back to full power.

It is true that our heart and brains are both electromagnetically generating in our bodies.  But in fact,  it is the heart that is 100 times more powerful in its current and frequency. 

Pending on what is occurring in our lives, our heart rhythm pattern effects our entire electromagnetic energy … meaning it can change the harmony of the field in and around us. When we feel love, safety, acknowledged, connection, compassion appreciation and joy we produce smooth wave forms.  When we are out of harmony, feel rejected, shock, loss, disconnected or distressed our wave field is disharmonious and erratic.  

Research has now also shown that when we are in harmony our heart and mind move in synergy.  This is called being in a Psycho-physiological coherent state.” ie: in harmony in body mind and emotions.  In this synchronised state our vision expands and our capacity to create, and see solutions increases dramatically.  We naturally want to connect &  create more good feeling. 

And Scientist now even know that the electromagnetic field generated from our bodies effects the energy fields of those around us. Creating us to be more ‘attractive’ or ‘deflecting’ energy pending upon its level of frequency. 

As we learn to slow down our mind and have access to deeper heart feelings, our field of energy shifts and we connect to a greater intuitive intelligence & harmony. We feel more at one with all living things. Essentially meaning we can control our external world and the energy we are living in, by connecting into our ‘heart space’.

Over the last 20 years I've sat in front of 1000’s of people and mapped their energy, all with differing imbalances and suffering. I have come to the conclusion that in regards to ‘energy medicine', healing the heart brings some of the most powerful and most instantaneous results.

I believe beyond a doubt the heart chakra is one of the key energy pumps through the body. And it could be said that all healing starts with this powerful treasure in our chest. Increased joy, increased energy flow,  more positive connections with others and increased perception and vision are all by- products of healing the heart.

Once the heart chakra is gently and lovingly unblocked, the flow through the entire energy systems is replenished.. just like a champagne fountain the energy can move through the system again. Enabling health and well being to be restored..

We don’t take enough time to honour our heart and all it has been through.

Whether we have been through a break up, deep loss or passing, feel disconnected from joy, long term out of a relationship ready for love again, post birth or stuck in a parenting rut, wanting to increase creativity, vision, & love of life or even increase love & trust in existing relationships - this replenishment space was designed for you.

The heart chakra replenishment weekend is the chance to designate one weekend to your 'heart space’ -  to sense, connect  & to heal your heart power. To ask your heart what it knows, needs and wants.


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”(1).png


This workshop grants you both the time and space to work on one of your most powerful physical, spiritual and magnetic aspect of your energy system (your heart) under the guidance and support of one of Australia's most trusted Energy Consultants: Lynette Arkadie.

Dont miss this opportunity as spaces are limited!