Sometimes 12 months just isn't long enough....

These programs are specifically designed for those who've already completed programs with us before and are looking to "maintain" their journey and learnings by keeping direct contact while have access to the web portal teachings to fall back on as a framework for additional support.


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Mentoring maintenance  1

(mentoring + digital access to web portal/s)

For those who've completed either EMP or also e=MP2  and would like to maintain their support and connection, or perhaps want the extra time to deepen or refresh their understandings and progress with the online web portal (either to finish or revisit any of the teachings). *** Web Portal access only granted to courses already completed. Group begins in March 2018.


  • continued digital access to courses completed (ie  EMP or EMP and E=mp² web portal)
  • 11 x monthly readings with The Energy Mentor: Lynette
  • 11 x end of month email questions
  • Monthly community phone call hosted by The Energy Mentor: Lynette
  • Our latest pack of EMP Divine Guidance Cards ( if you havent already received these)
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emp refresher (a self guided process)

(Digital access to 2017 emp web portal + 4 readings/ mentoring sessions)

Like the Camino- this program allows you to re-walk the Yellow Brick Road at a more leisurely pace, stopping at the moments you wish you could have spent more time. Its similar to the Maintenance program, but is a self guided process.


  • Continued digital access to EMP web portal
  • 4 x 50mins readings phone with Lynette to ensure you can connect with her throughout the year (One in March/April, one in June/July , one in Sept/Oct and then one in Dec)
  • The option to join in phone conferences with the current EMP group if particular topics interest you & you wish to connect with the Community for extra buzz. 
  • Our latest pack of EMP Divine Guidance Cards