Let us introduce E=MP² 

(Energy = Mentor Program x Mentor Program)

E=MP² program is a deeper, more experiential process that is in alignment with the teachings from the yellow brick road journey ~

Think modern mystic meets Mr Miyagi, meets mad hatter who is following a white rabbit in the real world,  sometimes stopping in at Wonkas Chocolate factory and working on your personal destiny awakening all at once !
(confused? - see below for all inclusions)

In the original Mentor Program we took you through a year long journey down The Yellow Brick road to help you connect with your energy & heart.

We asked you to discover your courage, strengthen your emotional “brain”, open your awareness, address any energy drains in the field of poppies; all before ultimately delivering you back to yourself & your dreaming to find that you actually had the power all along.

Over the year/s there has been a lot of learning, listening, understanding, integrating and in depth personal analysis and breakthroughs. ..Not to mention the everyday reorganising of molecules and energy to get us all to this point....

Our new program into another level or life awareness & into new world this time following a familiar symbol 'the white rabbit".
Yep you guessed it - this coming year we're taking you down The Rabbit Hole !
In E=MP²  we will explore you in relation to the greater world. Learning how to feel powerful no matter where you go and what you do.

Learn to navigate in a world where energy awareness is now part of your everyday reality.

We look at your size in relation to your world as you know it- Are you a giant in a small world- or perhaps playing small in a large world?

Are you allowing in enough madness to stay creative, or trying desperately to make sense of an illogical world?

Are you prepared to feel completely mad to make sense of yourself?
Are you ready to experience, jump in and follow the signs to your destiny.

If you have trusted us by stepping into the EMP before on The Yellow Brick Road, than trust us that we will do all we can to push you even deeper and further while building a stronger and more joyful you.

Included in this program is all the familiar connection through the conference calls, emails & readings to keep driving you forward on your destiny paths.

And while we won't be meeting in person all that often - you will have the option to recreate your own adventures based on the inspirations of the journeys created in the past version of this course.

To put it simply - without completely taking you out of your life
and putting you in the jungle for the year, or sending you on a wild pilgrimage
this is the next best way we can offer you
the same shamanic experience alongside of your real world every day experience. 

The Program E= MP² details

The E= MP² Program begins with notes & outlines arriving mid March. There will be a 11mth journey of energy development and dream development.

The year will then begin with a reading connection session in March with Lynette and a chance to set up your world for the year according to your goals and energies requirements for this coming year. 

The journey begins March.  We then stay in touch through email, our web student portal and monthly teleconference sessions.

Important Dates

Community Phone Chat and other special dates TBA- stay tuned.

For those who will digitally go down the rabbit hole (Correspondence)

This program is for anyone who wishes to continue the adventure on a more personal level and go down the digital Rabbit Hole. During this year long process we keep the awakenings going and set monthly goals to achieve in your own world using old and new principles and activation.  


  • 11 x 50min monthly personal reading sessions on your personal issues and circumstances to keep your energy work and dreaming moving forward.     ( *please note extra sessions are available for an additional fee)
  • Monthly motivation and inspiration to keep your personal dreaming alive and moving forward.
  • A year long access pass to your previous courses you've completed with us via the EMP Student Hub.
  • 1 x end of month update email exchange for 11mths.
  • Personal guidance when required as per outlined in the program through email and designated phone sessions.
  • Rainbows abound & Shooting stars of course that always come standard when working with a shamanistic approach and your spirit world.

The Investment

AUD$ 5000 (inc GST)

Why now?

As society's desire to spiritual evolve continues- finding time to be curator of your own evolution is difficult. There is a multitude of resources available to us all at any point. 

With this in mind- Lynette carefully curates and creates the teachings and practical monthly applications for you to continue the journey you began with the EMP. Leave it up to her-  just surrender, turn up and commit

As Lynette's work deepens and expands, her availability for casual consultations has become reduced as she takes select students and organisations under her wing for the year. The E=MP2 guarantees students access to Lynette throughout the programs duration and allows them to workshop and explore issues as they come up- within the program and its inclusions.

Can anyone enrol?

Unfortunately No. This is a program that is designed exclusively as an invite only program to extend on the initial teachings of the EMP- meaning participants have to have spent at least a year learning and practicing some of the core concepts that are cornerstone to this new level. 

If you are interested in this program but are new to our offerings- we suggest you enrol in our foundation Energy Mentor Program.