Lynette, Your Mentor

“Lynette is a full time practicing & activated energy intuitive, transformation mentor, mummy & mystical lover. She is also a fully qualified teacher (BachED).

She has been sharing her wisdom re: energy awareness, intuition and guiding people to use it to navigate their own lives consciously for over 15 years.  

Since creating "The Soul Factory" (An energy healing workshop) with friend & energy rebalancer, Joy Moulieri  in Sydney Australia; Lynette now regularly guides & illuminates on all things energy.  Predominantly she is sought to clairvoyantly read, vision & map energy for people, organisations and creative ventures across the globe from -  Australia, New Zealand, The United States, Argentina, London, France, Italy, Iceland, Germany to Korea, Japan, China and Singapore.

Because of her capacity to 'vision' & 'see things differently', Lynette is quietly sought after in the media/entertainment/creative, medical and legal fields to provide energy insights into complex situations who seek for her vision, absolute discretion and uncompromising honesty. 

While Lynette's waitlist is long & cannot consult for everyone personally; she has created a series of programs to help those wanting to reignite energy wisdom to gain alignment & power in their life. Lynette's Energy Mentorship programs are about personal and life activation. The journey is for those ready to reset their life on a body, mind and spiritual level - and for those specifically ready for a unique, in-depth,  transformational group and 1 to 1 experience. These programs can done from anywhere in the world.

Human Relationships consultants, change consultants, life coaches and senior university lecturers from all over connect with Lynette, & regularly participate in her programs.  Allowing them to expand their mode of delivery, and inspiringly them to educate others to transform, create & innovate in their organisations in new and exciting ways. 

Rarely does one encounter Lynette or leave a session without several profound 'Aha' moments. She has a lighthearted, practical, real world approach to her work.  To spend time with her & to be mentored by her is the chance to see the world, yourself and life with completely new eyes. The support she provides, the tools she teaches & offers, will go into your personal tool box and be with you for life.

                             "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

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 Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Mr Danilo, Master of Logistics.

Mr Danilo is the Master of Logistics at EMP HQ, and your personal point of contact through the year long journey. From booking appointments with Lynette to ensuring you have all you need in the post, on the day and after the event, his job is to provide the support needed, when you need it most.

He manages the communications department, design & digital delivery of content, Lynette's professional diary and keeps the coffee machine topped up in our HQ office. Formerly a Zookeeper of Chimpanzee's and Gorillas & dad of their 3 boys- Mr Danilo knows how to handle a hungry, rowdy, or un-grounded group, all whilst maintaining an aura of "zen" about him. He is also a fellow traveller on the spiritual and Energy Mentor journey- continuing his personal excavation work.